Wednesday, 19 November 2014

More a carthorse than a racehorse

The start of November was unusually warm this year but the temperatures have now dropped to the average of about 6 centigrade in the evening so why did I decide to go out in shorts and a t-shirt?

This evening is hill training night so it is not about distance but quality to strengthen my legs and get some much needed cardio work in. The great thing about these runs is that a group of people meet about 400 metres from my doorstep having run about 2 miles as a warm up, I however decided to leave a little earlier and get a 3 kms in before meeting. I have to admit that was the hardest 3kms I have done of late which saw me plodding up the hill like an old carthorse pulling a dray but by the time I had met the others I found I was really warmed up, stretched enough to do 10 x 50 metre hill reps, which is not big stuff but it felt good to get the legs moving and the heart pumping.

Long way to go from here but it feels that the underlying fitness remains that I need to build on. 

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