Monday, 10 November 2014

Thames Path and Poppies

Last week I wrote on my running club's Facebook page that I intended to run from Greenwich to the Tower of London via the Thames Path and Tower Bridge which is roughly 10km.

A few people showed interest but have a feeling the torrential rain probably made them choose not too but did have two intrepid members come along for the fun, Nicky and Emma.

I have run this route on many occasion and have got the route off to a T even with small diversions if the City Zoo near Rotherhithe is closed. Nicky and Emma were great running buddies with funny stories and conversation. I could wax lyrical about how beautiful London is at night along the river, the history and the people but you just have to take it from me that it is. I loved it when Nicky and Emma smiled when we reached the Tower Bridge after some short photo opportunities to then cross the bridge for the serious part and purpose of our run, to view the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red art installation of thousands of ceramic poppies signifying one person dying for every poppy, truly inspiring and significant.

We were not surprised to find thousands of people milling around that evening as it was mentioned that it was to be dismantled after 11th November, we quietly walked around until I saw a lovely lady wearing a Monkey hat so without thinking I shouted "Ohh a Monkey Hat, I must get a picture of it with my Monkey Feet" The photograph above had the heading in Facebook of:

This is the epitome of bemusement of someone "Going along with a joke they don't understand" when I asked this lovely lady with Monkey Hat to have a picture of me in Monkey Feet!

She was a great sport and her man friend totally taken aback with my request.

Sadly we had to leave the poppy field but returned to Greenwich by DLR to a well earned pint of cider in the pub. A great run.

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