Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Ironic Monkey

I often get the same old questions when wearing my Monkey Feet a.k.a. Vibram Fivefinger TrekSports and I have no problem explaining to people why. The main reason I love them is that they are really comfortable....apart from The Thames Meander marathon earlier this month. There is all this hype about "heel striking" and "running mid-foot" rightly or wrongly, this is not the reason for this post.

Aware that I have to put in a lot of training between now and May 2015 I have made a point of wearing my Monkey Feet for only one training run a week and so on Tuesday this week I ran 10 miles (16km) in my Merrell Glove 2 with a 9.5 mm stack as opposed with my MF's at 4mm. Instantly I noted during this run that my running style had changed to instead of my feet being directly below me saw me standing more vertically and my strides having a straighter leg on the forward swing. I complained next day and the day after that my heels hurt and then it occurred to me when putting my Merrell's on again that the exact point the heel cup touched my heel and achilles was where the bruising was.

I had been injured by the very shoes that were supposed to be protecting me from heel strike because they offered a higher stack and zero drop such that I was unaware of that heel strike. 

Time to take stock.

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