Sunday, 16 November 2014

Tunnels, Guns and Monkey Feet

Today's run was one of our more unusual ones which found Duncan and I  out on the Thames Path again, however this time along a part of it I have missed on previous runs.

We started out from Eltham train station and pointed north towards the Woolwich Ferry and in doing so passed the scenes of two very vicious and bloody murders both making England look up and see massive changes in the law and the direction it moved as a country. The first was the murder of Steven Lawrence in 1993 at the hands of vicious, racist thugs and 20 years later, in 2013, just down the road a few yards that of Drummer Lee Rigby who was hacked to death by religious fanatics outside his barracks. Both sobering thoughts as we trundled on towards the river.

The run was quite a hard one for me today, my medication making me sluggish and hard to wake was still creeping through my veins, Duncan on good form, ever patient as I slowly warmed up and began to run in full. However, we had a purpose today and that was to reach Gallions Hill in Thamesmead a twenty metre high hillock created from "recycled excavated material" with a spiral path which leads to the summit. I loved the concept of "recycled excavated material" which really means that it was a big pile of rubble, topsoil and scrap that was made during the building of the surrounding estate. Still a nice target for the day and the turn around having passed the Woolwich Arsenal where cannons and munitions were made for the British to find their Empire all those years back.

The highlight of the run, for me at least, was the off piste run through the subfluvial tunnel at Woolwich which connects Woolwich to the north bank of the Thames which saw us pegging it along the tunnel at speed to rise on the far bank to find a cafe.

The journey back to the car was not the highlight as I puffed and wheezed up the hill, Duncan almost skipping but nonetheless a great run with plenty of distractions to keep us on form.

GUCR training starts in full next week with the traditional first day a rest day.

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