Thursday, 11 December 2014

Mojitos or Monkey Feet

"Ice is for Mojitos not Monkey Feet" the Delightful Mrs S was heard to say almost apoplectic with rage when I simply asked for her to pass 5 cubes to me so I could ice my heel.

Tonight I went to the track to test out my heel wearing my faithful Monkey Feet, possibly counter-intuitive my thinking was that if I wore them I was less likely to heel strike, but also on the other hand stretch the Achilles tendon a bit. With these two thoughts in my head I had all the intention of running very slowly in Recovery Mode and just see how it went and to drop out if necessary.

I was even seen joining in with the speed trainers for a warm up session to stretch myself and warm for my run.

Very pleased to report that it went well, no pain to report around the heel area so I have put on my trusty stretch bandage and placed a bag containing the above 5 cubes in it around the heel and Achilles to stop any swelling.

Feeling very pleased as I will now be able to join in a few Christmas related runs over the coming weeks.

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  1. That's good news! Not long before you'll be completely healed.