Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Monkeys and Meteors

Actual picture of a meteor
using my cam
Saturday once again saw Duncan and his son Ché, our honorary member  for the Night Run go out in search meteors in the sky. The meteors were to appear from the constellation of Gemini and are aptly called the Geminids  and were to appear in the night sky between 7.00pm and throughout the night peaking at 2.00am.

Turning up at Duncan's at 7.40 pm I was met by two very excited faces and as usual a vague plan to run "Somewhere dark"

Let's put the clock back 2 hours which saw me at my kitchen table converting my daughter's discarded iPhone 4 into a tripod mounted camera and with the addition of a 69 pence App called Slow Shutter Cam to allow long exposure shots.

 Back to the run with the three of us chatting and planning the best place to go and chose to go to the local nature reserve which had enough trees around to block the city lights. Finding a spot in the now frozen grass, my feet now filling the chill, Ché and I set up the iPhone using the compass for direction and looking to the sky at about 23 degrees ( I had written on a bit of paper) stood back to watch the night sky.

Ever so often one of us would point at the sky and scream "Woooah there's one" then in unison when a large one went over...magical stuff.

Soon Duncan and I were heard to grumble that our feet were actually hurting which is not unbelievable when there is about 2 mm of rubber between you and a -2 C frosted ground to run a different route via the main paths. I felt as though I wanted to stay longer but I think we had seen enough returning via a path next to the local cemetery and the bent fence of a once disputed boundary line and the gushing of an underground river yet to be explored.

Not a long run but a really fun run with geekiness, laughing and fun...good times/   

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