Saturday, 3 January 2015

Looking forward

Friedrichswall ,Hanover
I have decided that in 2015 I am going to take on a few challenges, my primary goal is to complete the Grand Union Canal Race once and for all but will enjoy myself along the way.

So far,
  1. Course Checker (Trailscape) 13.1 miles + 3.6 miles (10th January 2015)
  2. Dover Marathon (28th March 2015)
  3. Dover Half Marathon (28th March 2015
  4. Dover Marathon (29th March 2015)
  5. Dover 10km (29th March 2015)
  6. Hanover Marathon (19th April 2015)
  7. Grand Union Canal Race (May 2015)

Note 2-5 above, a complete mad idea to bash out 2 marathons, a half marathon and a 10km race all over one weekend.

As for no.6 I am really pleased to have costed out my stay and have even got a hotel within 50 metres of the start, see the picture above, hotel entrance on the left, martahon start across the road. Good times roll.

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