Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Special Forces Monkey

I was looking through the internet last night and came across an article from a few years ago in which it stated that the US military had ordered soldiers to not wear training shoes in which the toes had "Their own separate compartments" which plainly meant the Vibram Five Finger series on shoes as "They gave off the wrong image"

I found the image above , and I assume was taken before the ban, of a US Special Forces dog handler leaping from a plane.....wearing none less than a pair of Monkey Feet.

It appears that the upper echelons of the said military force wanted soldiers to have all their toes in one compartment but having trained along rocky and sandy beaches, jumped into the water(for the hell of it) then run off again I can safely say the best shoes for swimming/running on unknown surfaces is by no argument the Vibram Five Finger (Monkey Feet) shoe, light weight, quick drying with tough under sole  and don't clog with mud.

So much for "Bad Image" this is still a compelling picture.

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