Sunday, 29 March 2015

The half-hearted Monkey race report

So looking at the date of entry for the race tells a story in itself 9th December 2014 just eleven days after the death of my father. Secretly I knew this race entry was going to be very hard, after all I had not trained properly or got any mileage in the three months before then. Something in me said I needed a target, a direction and the lack of posts also told a story. In my [grief] madness I decided to enter all four races in the Dover Running Festival, after all, running a marathon and a half marathon in one day followed by a marathon and a 10 km the next day would be easy...wouldn't it? It was supposed to be a distraction to get my mind on other things but bereavement is an incredibly powerful thing which overwhelmed me such that running held no interest.

I could bore you here with bad race planning, injury, the weather or complete stupidity but I had looked forward to this weekend for some time even for the fun of meeting up with old friends and to "talk running" so in a was simply down to not  training.

So here is the breakdown:

Day 1
Marathon - dropped after 7 miles calling it a "tactical withdrawal" so I could concentrate on the half marathon

Half Marathon - Wearing my trusty old Monkey Feet ran 13.1 miles and finished

Day 2
Woke up and my heel, an old injury, had flared up and was now swollen so dropped the marathon and 10km. The weather was foul, such that they changed the route for the 10km as the wind was now up to 50mph so went home after a big breakfast and an extra hour in bed. 

Don't feel upset by any of the outcomes, I know I am unfit and overweight but I am going to do one more (slow) marathon in Hanover in three weeks as I have paid for it and made a commitment to my German friend Christian Hottas who will be running his 2300th marathon. After that, we will see.

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