Sunday, 12 April 2015

Just us three lunatics

...and not a Monkey in sight.

The subject of this blog was coined by the great Che this evening, no Dear Readers, it is not the Che we know as Ernesto (Che) Guevara but the son of my running pal Duncan.

By some great prophecy the three of us arrived at the local nature reserve for a run of 3-5 miles, the reason for the large bandwidth was Che was unsure of his fitness levels and we were to see how we all felt. I was happy for the distraction because I was out to test my heel which seemed better in recent days but didn't want to push it.

I have a feeling that Che, like many sons, wanted to know what his Dad got up to when he went for a run. His briefing, if you call it that, was the conversation could go anywhere from the order of flowering in the white and black hawthorn to "Does red and white tape mean no entry or a route marker?" to Facebook comments. At one juncture Che was heard to exclaim in a horrified voice "Why am I talking about grammar?" His face a picture of shock and distaste, he was assured by Duncan that it was fine but I have to admit it was a bit weird (Che, I am joking)

We crossed the road and jumped into my local woods, Duncan and I pointing and commenting on trees, where you can find wild garlic, shapes in tress like elephants when we both stopped and Duncan looked upon high looking at the trees and commented "This is why I do it, nothing here, just us" to which Che commented in words older than his years "Just us three lunatics" we could but agree to his sage-like remark.

We went back into the nature reserve and plodding along the main path we spotted a pile of logs stacked up to form a camp,tee pee like and could not help but stop to investigate. Inside was a sawn stump perfect to sit on and to the side a shack made with right angles. I slipped back 42 years and looked on in complete jealousy that I never had a camp like this. I then noted the red and white chevron tape.

"Does red and white tape mean no entry or a route marker?"
Through my experience of races as a runner, marker or sweeper, my mind has been taught that chevron tape is a marker to follow but upon seeing the tape at "The Camp" it was being used as a warning to say foresting was taking place.

So it was no surprise to me when the three of us ran an extra 0.5 miles to make it 5 miles and whilst Che and I were working out how the human sundial worked we spotted Duncan walk through a gap in the trees marked with tape, I turned to Che and said "Please be like your Dad in the future and learn to explore like he does." so we followed him in to discover a copse that was being cut back. There the other two scavenged a 2 metre length branch and went about discussing the best way to make a Zulu stick and bark shaving, a wonderful thing to hear.

The heel is OK, I am unsure how well and what will be an interesting marathon next week.

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  1. A beautiful run in a special place. Many things to see and to comment. In my opinion these are the best workouts.