Wednesday, 29 April 2015

No GUCR 2015 but a new start

And so with the completion of the Hanover Marathon last week I have to look to the future and what is on the cards for me.
A lot of my readers will probably have noticed the lack of posts on my blog over recent months caused for so many reasons but primarily because of my father passed away just before Christmas. Nothing prepares you for such a thing and it certainly hit me for six as did to my whole family and the last thing I wanted to do was run. A friend of the family told me "Life goes on Jeremy" and indeed it does, your mind in turmoil but you still have to put bread on the table.
I am feeling a little bit more confident now with my running, I trudged through the marathon last week with only a few aches and pains afterwards with my heel feeling OK but I still have a long way to go before my basic fitness is up to where I need it.
So the news....
You will have probably noticed that there has been no talk of the GUCR 2015 this year and that is because I dropped out a few weeks ago after I realised that for me to take that monster on I would have had to run throughout the Winter and into the Spring taking marathons and shorter ultras to build up the stamina and mental toughness for the event, I am saddened and a little jealous when I see other runners getting their numbers but it was the best decision in the circumstances, I wish them well.
I have however decided to do one last long ultramarathon later this year which I do not want to say too much about now but will do when I have confirmation that my entry has been accepted.
The Monkey Feet are back in town.

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