Friday, 3 April 2015

The trials and tribulations of a [not so] long distance runner living in deepest, darkest Kent.

It is funny how, when going through life, we always think we are young we are, 

  1. "40? I feel like I am a 30 year old."
  2. "30? I feel like I am a 20 year old."
  3. "20? Shit, I feel like I am 40 this morning."
Age is all relative but I have to admit that as I approach my 50's I do feel that minor injuries and recovery from runs are just taking that little longer than they did a few years ago.

Regular readers will know that close friends call my healing powers as "Lazarushian" when I grumble of a pain that sounds like a show stopper and in a matter of days I am out running 10 miles, I feel like a fraud but I have been very luck for the past 8 years.

I am not going to harp on what has happened in my life over the past 6 months, regular readers will know and these life events have seen my running go from 50 miles a week to just 5 miles, sometimes no miles, for weeks at a time. Last weekend's run was horrible when it actually told me that I was really unfit and that I should take stock of my running.

This week I decided that I can no longer call myself an ultrarunner if I cannot even run 7 miles without stopping so for the time being my blog will have the header:

"The trials and tribulations of a [not so] long distance runner living in deepest, darkest Kent"

 Such that I am now starting from scratch and will start  
  1. Run very slowly in the Hanover marathon (more about that this weekend)
  2. A new marathon training program
  3. Make real attempts to work on getting my heel injury better
Maybe not in that order but sometimes you do have to take stock.

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  1. I like the joke about the ages.
    Have a good Easter