Friday, 8 May 2015

Monkey Catch Up

On Monday 27th April 2015 was the day I went to the doctor for a check up and the discussion went over to my general fitness and he expressed concern when I told him I had run a marathon the week before without any proper training. He was aware of my long distance running as we had bumped shoulders on the running track a few months before.

It was a few hours afterwards that realised that it was true that I was most happy when I was fit and out on the local trails so it became a red letter day, the day I started running and get training for a big event towards the end of the year. Now fully recovered from my marathon in Hanover the week before I planned my week ahead and in doing so I have run 70 km in 5 runs, the longest was 34 km running at night along the Thames Path, from Henley on Thames to Streatley as a sweeper at the Thames Path 100 mile race.

My fitness is not where it used to be but I know it is there and if I continue this way I hope to be upping the training and get some more long distance runs in. 

My last run of 13 km from my house to the Cutty Sark in Greenwich was a tough run for me especially with the Thames run still in my legs from the weekend but I did it, it wasn't pretty but I got there. Things are going to be tough over the next two months as I have to work 46 hours a week as well as keeping my training up.

One good thing from all this is my weight is dropping off me  and beginning to feel a little happier in myself possibly down to medication but it is a nice place to be for a change.

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