Friday, 29 May 2015

Onwards and Upwards

BOOM - I am out of the door.

I have spent too much time wallowing in my inner self and I have decided that I need to get going and set myself a few challenges. Looking around I remembered that there was a race that popped up on my running RADAR last year called the Saffron Trail Ultra organised by a great team called Challenge Running led by Lindley Chambers who is a seasoned ultrarunner and from past experience puts on a great race.

Breaking the news to the Delightful Mrs S was the biggest hurdle as she makes no secret for her desire for me to stop these adventures but this race has everything that I look for in a race as it is one of the more unusual ones that it starts at 6.00pm. So my calculations tell me that the sun sets at 8.47pm on 18/7/2015 and the sun rises at 05.00am on 19/7/2015 such as the majority of the beginning miles are in the dark when the temperatures are cool. 

So after I told Mrs S of my intentions (Jeez, she has a sharp tongue) I mentally limped away to get my wallet and entered with the result email thus:

Hello Jeremy Smallwood
This is to confirm that you have signed-up for Saffron Trail Ultra. The organiser has added information that you need to know about the event, to the bottom of this email receipt. A copy of this email has been sent to the organiser.

Wow and so we have it,a new challenge. More to follow over the coming weeks.

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  1. Mr. S. The biggest hurdle has been done, Mrs. S.! So now go out there, train with your buddies and have fun!