Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Athlete's Monkey Feet

It still amazes me that of all the miles I have run in sometimes horrific conditions where my feet have been have been wet through for over 24 hours, pounded through raw silage, stagnant mud or just sweating from a long distance run that I have never suffered from fungal infections.

I always wash and thoroughly dry my feet after a bath or shower post-run but I had a tell-tale sign last night when I noticed that my foot was itching and on looking a crusting around my little toe...Athlete's Foot or to give its posh name tinea pedis but just be careful how you say it as it can easily be mispronounced and mean something completely different!

All I can guess is that I have picked it up on my muddy run last Sunday and maybe left my feet damp for a bit. Anyway, there is no stigma to the disease, I just have to put some spray on it once a day...and, boy, does it STING and some medicated talc in my Monkey Feet shoes.

Another thing I learnt today was NOT to put "Athlete's Foot" into Google images, it put me off my food!

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  1. lol, i don't think I am going to google that now, can't stand feet anyway :-)