Saturday, 6 June 2015

Should I pursue a path so twisted?

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
Khalil Gibran

Today's run was simply described by my buddy Duncan as "It was one of those feel good runs for sure." Picking him at 7.30am we got to our destination to do some route planning and reconnaissance for an upcoming night run. The route that I planned was along a few paths that I had never run on before and it felt strange that I had crossed them on many occasion but had never explored them. Some my Dear Readers who live around these parts may recognise the path in the picture above but may have not run off some its tributaries as we did today. 

Duncan and I have a similar philosophy when trail running, calling it free spirit or the need to play, to discover and find something new. In my Magic Forest blog there are many examples of this such as Let's Make a New One Then and it was no different today as we ran a border path we both saw a path leading of at right angles and was not that made by animals but by foot fall of a human, we both promised that we would investigate it on our return journey.

We arrived in good time to the chosen pub that was to be the halfway mark, one that boasted Real Ale and knowing there was some interest in the drinking part it was important that the hostelry was as important as the route.

So the first part of the route agreed as suitable with a nice hill, some rough path, mud and woodland we traipsed off on the second leg of the route. The pace was up a little but the run stopped at various viewpoints or areas of interest and so our attention was drawn to the path that needed to be explored.

I often think that had Duncan and I been to school together when we were younger that we would have probably been the two kids at the back chucking paper at each other whilst our teacher tried in vain to get us to travel what ever educational path she wanted. We are never interested in the path in front but the one leading off towards some dark area of the wood. So, following the route layed out by the path we initial thrashed our way through the weeds and nettles and it was only until we discovered that a land owner had taken great effort to block the way that we turned back but not until the flash of "how can we get over this fence?" popped into our heads but even we saw sense when we noticed that there 2 metre tall stinging nettles on the other side. As we turned back and were about to hit the original path, there was a flash of orange/brown as a Roe Deer ran past and we then heard it thrashing at a fence to escape us but then turn and fled, bouncing and jumping over the corn fields and we stopped and just savored the moments as it got out of sight.

We returned to our route planning and plodded out the final 3 miles ducking and diving through the golf course. I am not always enamored to golfers, I find it a decadent pass time but today, the golfers waved to us and let us run through which is very rare on some courses where they have been known to play through you.
As Duncan said "It was one of those feel good runs for sure."

On our way back to reality we laughed about how much our legs itched and stung caused by our little deviation in the woods but it was worth every moment.

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