Friday, 24 July 2015

The Monkey and the Dog's B******ks

These days it is a very rare thing to see me at either the track or the club running, this is down to one of two things, either I am working or the Delightful Mrs S is. Tonight, however, my luck was in and I was able to get the car for the evening as Mrs S had taken some much needed leave.

The weather has been very humid and the temperatures were in the mid 20's and I was actually looking forward to a gentle run with no specific goals but to say I had run for the first time in a month. So, running into the house, I grabbed a pair of shorts from the draw, a shirt and my Monkey Feet, as usual I drove barefoot with the intention of putting my MF's on at track side.

Bumping into one of the regulars in the car park we strolled in, paid our entry fees and went to the meeting point. There whilst others mingled and chatted happily I got me Monkey Feet on and bid my farewell as I jogged around the track. My plan was to do  400 metres, rest, 400 metres, rest etc. until I was happy that I had done 12 laps or more if I felt like it.

It was only until my third lap that Mike, the coach, whispered to me that my wedding tackle had been hanging out in front of everyone!

I must remember to throw them away sooner rather than later! 

As for the running, what did I expect, it was slow, tough and very disheartening but at least I have made a start and will now try to keep to a regular training regimen from now on, even if it is to try and shift some of this weight I am carrying.

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