Sunday, 23 August 2015

Run Monkey, Run!

I must apologise to all my Dear Readers who have been so loyal over the years of my Blog writing and my obvious lack of posts recently, to be frank I just lost the enjoyment which could be caused by a multitude of things in my life in the past year.

Why Run Today?

Some of you will remember a post I wrote back in November 2012 named "Run Fatboy Run" coined from a film of the same name but related to why I started running again on 24th April 2007, have a click of the link and have a  read but take note of the picture.

I had already organised a run with my good pal Duncan for today but our personal lives can be so hectic that it can be gard to get a mutually accepted time to run. Today was no different when the start time was moved due to both of us trying to get back from a shopping spree with our respective wives.

Today, was my Run Fatboy, Run moment that really crystallised my need to get back running regularly, that moment was when I went to buy some clothes and my waist size had widened out to the next size. If I am truthful, in my heart I knew it had but it is this type of shove that needs the initial motivation.

The Run

After ascending a hill to our meeting place I was glad to see that Duncan was in the process of looking for an errant cricket ball that had escaped the local match so I used this moment to be "Really helpful" and help them but he was wise of it and we were soon running off to the woods.

The run wasn't great, I huffed, puffed and wheezed my way around whilst we broke into our usual philosophical chats about fatherhood, about being 50 years old ("We are NOT old, we are older"), to children driving the family car("They are taught to control a car but we teach them to drive the car"). We watched a Heron fly away disturbed by our footfall to be told there were two nesting nearby.

Duncan, the ever patient, walked when I gasped out that "" and slowed his pace when I said I was OK. I am pleased I managed just under 7 miles and that I am re-purposed  Now all I need to do is to start in getting back my waistline to its previous size.

Thanks Duncan

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