Sunday, 15 November 2015

Like two peas in a pod

No heel strike picture
As usual the arrangement for a muddy run with Duncan was its usual vagueness:

Me: "Sounds good, should we meet at Hangman's Corner?"

Duncan: "I will see you there...don't leave me hanging."

The last comment was a friendly nudge saying "Don't be late and don't blow out at the last moment" which I know I have been guilty of a few times in the past but these days I feel happier in myself and I am a bit more positive so made it my goal to be there on time.

Let's turn the clock back 4 hours when the following list was  dropped into my lap by the Delightful Mrs S as I took my first sip of morning coffee, it read:
  1. Mow BOTH lawns (I think the capital letters and underlining were a little rude but she knows me too well)
  2. Take rubbish down to the dump
  3. Take tiles back for a refund
Mine personal list was:
  1. Mow lawns
  2. Extend door by 7 cms and prepare it for painting
  3. Go for a run with Duncan
The final list was:
  1. Mow front lawn
  2. Go to dump
  3. Extend door by 7cms
  4. Mow back lawn
  5. Go for a run with Duncan
So this was my excuse when I saw Duncan running down the hill from Hangman's Corner pretending to be an aeroplane as to why I was walking up it feeling knackered already. Duncan and I were both dressed in red shirts and back shorts which was unusual as the steely eyed Zimbabwean is often dressed in leggings, two shirts and a hat if the temperature is below 25 C or it is November and December.

If you asked me what route we took I don't know whether I could actually tell you as we ducked and darted up this path then another path with no perception of direction chatting away or grumbling about dog walkers who could not control their yapping charges and questioned how far a dachshund would fly if we dropped kicked it (I jest).

So with Autumn mud in my Monkey Feet, the obligatory flesh wound from blackthorn and blood pumping I peeled away and took the scenic route home to discover my usual cut through was closed  for road resurfacing making me run that extra kilometre past the usual carload of dope smoking teenagers who smiled and waved as I passed (It must have been good dope!) to get me back to my house feeling pretty good. It appears the training is beginning to kick in.

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