Friday, 27 November 2015

Shine on You Crazy Monkey

If there is one thing I have learnt this week it is about patience and that came from the most unusual places, my cat.

Mark Twain wrote:

"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."

This blog's image today is my cat ,Oliver, who can sit and watch a bird or anything food related for hours on end without moving a muscle. Here he is watching our beef stew cooking and he sat there for over 20 minutes looking through the oven door waiting for the meal to cook so that he could get some of it.

This is now my approach to running after my return a few weeks ago, nice and gently and not rushing things and already it is showing its dividends. As I am overweight at present, last week at the track I did a Pyramid Run which can benefit if the following three areas:
  • Strengthening my heart
  • Improve overall fitness levels
  • Burn off fat 
and this week I decided to do repetitions, run 400 metres at tempo, walk 100 metres, run 400 metres at tempo, walk 100 metres, and so on until I reached my goal of 8000 metres for the session. I usually chat with people when I run around but that run was important to me and I did something I have never done in running, listened to music!!!

So with Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here playing in my head at volume 11 I traipsed off plodding out my laps in my Monkey Feet and jumping into lane 2 when I was aware the other guys zoomed passed doing 800 metre reps caring not a jot as my focus was distracted from my legs but still aware of my heart rate. I hadn't realised until I was told, much to their amusement,  afterwards that I was singing very loudly on the back straight at one point so it does seem I was not feeling bad! 

I am amazed after just 3 weeks how much I have improved in my stamina (still a long way to go), I am losing some weight (My shirts are not so tight) and a general positive attitude towards running/fitness. I still have to battle my demons on a daily basis but that is the norm these days and just have to push them aside and try to live with the here and now


  1. Gatliff marathon on Sunday? You know you wanna

  2. Gatliff marathon on Sunday? You know you wanna