Friday, 12 February 2016

"Just go out and enjoy it" they said

The past few weeks have flown by and whilst I may not be posting regularly I am indeed running in the background and slowly but surely my fitness is returning.

The beginning of the year saw my Demons return for a short while when I wallowed in a shallow pity and deep doubt of my ability as a runner and the almost insurmountable challenge of the GUCR. 

On 5th January this year I ran along the Paddington Branch of the Grand Union Canal from Little Venice to Bull's Bridge and was not a happy Monkey at the end of it realising I had a long way to go into my training plan. Guided by friends who advised me to stop worrying about training plans and distances but go out and fall in love with the sport again. Looking back at this I realise that it is probably the best advice I have had in years, go out and enjoy it and that is what I have done.

My Garmin sits idle in the top draw of the night stand and my Apple Watch is set to No Goal and I just go for a run. The humorous picture above shows me looking very serious but in fact it has become a meme to show that in fact I am really enjoying it . I turned up to the track early to watch one of the coaches put someone through some running drills to improve his gait, had this been 550 years ago the coach would have been been burnt at the stake if the Inquisitors had seen the amazing results that he made to the runner. After this I joined the main group who were hovering around ready to start and warmed up with them and then went for a pleasantly paced run with a lady called Nicki who wanted to take it easy after an injury. We went off at a very sedate pace, no goals, just a run and as we chatted I noticed that I was running unlaboured and actually enjoying it such that we decided to do a pyramid run of 4,3,2,1,2,3,4 laps with 100 metre walk between sets. As we chatted we soon noticed the pace was up.

I don't think I can remember a word Nicki and I chatted about but the distraction really helped boost my confidence such that I am ready to take on my first challenge of the year on Sunday when I run in the Punchbowl Marathon a distance of either 20 or 30 miles, I am going to set myself the 20 miles as an easier goal and leave the larger distance to next weekend.  

Make note to self --> Just go out and enjoy it on Sunday, you have bigger fish to fry 

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