Monday, 2 May 2016

England Athletics - Mental Health Ambassador

In February 2016 I was made aware that England Athletics were looking for Mental Health Ambassadors from the ranks of local running clubs which I leapt at, the advertisement read:

England Athletics are looking for Mental Health Ambassadors who are committed to our cause of improving mental wellbeing through running.
We are looking for ambassadors who are/have:

  • Experience of a mental health problem, either personally or from a close relative or friend.
  • An open and non-judgmental attitude.
  • A member of an England Athletics affiliated club or Run England group.
  • A positive, patient and supportive approach towards supporting people with mental health problems.
  • A positive role model.
  • Behave in a professional, confidential and non-discriminatory manner at all times and promote equal opportunities for all.
I jumped at the chance and wrote a brief history of my experience, background and outlook, much to my surprise I was accepted along with about another 100 people in England. My role, whilst not a counsellor, is to:

  • Support
  • Engage
  • Use social media to guide athletes
  • Share social media messages
  • Talk openly to people
  • Advocate (finger point to resources)
  • Volunteer in events to support people with mental health concerns
It is early days yet but I am really looking forward to taking on my role.


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  11. I totally agree that running is waaay cheaper than therapy!!! you're playing a big role on it!

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