Sunday, 4 December 2016

I'm back

Dippy the Diplodocus
I have been away from my blog for far too long and so much has happened in my life that ultra-running had to be put on the back burner whilst I dealt life's ups and downs.

Since I last wrote I have been running on and off having entered and run the Liverpool to Leeds 130 but completed just 51 miles before jumping into a pub and calling it as day. To be frank, I had no chance of completing it and was very happy to get to the point I did with absolutely no training!!!

Other news that I need to catch up on is that I am now an England Athletics qualified:
  1.  Mental Health Ambassador, 
  2. A Guide Runner for Visually Impaired and Blind Athletes
and in those roles I have run with, mentored and met some amazing people who use running and walking as one of their therapies, I am often just a "listener" to let them just talk in a non-confrontational or neutral environment to get things off their chest.

I announced on social media about a month ago that I would be retiring from ultra-running as I cannot afford to have so much time training but now I have been "prescribed" running by my doctor.

Additionally, I was made redundant in September this year but was able to get my dream job working at the Natural History Museum in London as their Senior Database Administrator Developer. I am sure to mention the museum more than once over the coming weeks but please remember that my Monkey Feet a.k.a. Vibram Five Fingers are still around and running in a race or two near you soon.

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