Sunday, 19 February 2017

Like a wheezing old dog

I made a decision this week that I should start getting regular exercise again which has not been happening of late. I can blame it on so many things: Long hours at work, extra contracts lecturing, laziness or a plethora of other excuses. Mentally, I have been in a good place since my start at the Natural History Museum which is an amazing place but the demonic Black Dog is always close by but have been, with the help of my medication, managed to keep ahead of it. The medication has some side effects, for me, is a massive gain in weight and excessive tiredness with me being able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

This week I have had a break from lecturing on a Thursday evening and so went directly from work to the running track. Putting on my shorts I noticed they felt a little tighter than they used to and ventured out on to track-side to join the throng of other runners who were all chatting excitedly about their forthcoming marathons, training plans and injuries. I no longer get involved in these conversations as they tend to bore me as runners can be very opinionated about their own training experience and so I separated myself from the group and went about the business of running by myself.

I put on my headphones, something I have started to do when I am in groups, and ran very slowly so I could get a sense of what my body was telling me. After 1200 metres my breathing became more laboured and I started to wheeze, everything I expected, as my lungs started to clear. Taking a break at 1600 metres I chose to bring the pace down and push on but walk 100 metres every 300 metres, this seemed to do the job but I did feel that I wasn't so much as gliding through the air more barging it out of the way.

Early days but I do feel that if I stick to it my fitness will return but probably a lot slower now.

Onwards and upwards as they say. 

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