Sunday, 29 October 2017

I will dance Jerry

As promised I texted Nayoung on Friday to inform her we were going start running around the park but the plan was to run for 90 seconds then walk for 60 seconds and then repeat for about 5-6 times depending how we felt.

Arriving outside her house at 8.30 am I was amazed to see Nayoung was ready and waiting on her doorstep and was already making her way to the car. This week we got a prime slot in the car park and so after a short period of getting my Guide bib on and Nayoung putting her coat in the car we were off, gently at first but soon chatting away about the route. I am really impressed with Nayoung, she is so confident and we were soon transitioning between tarmac to grass, grass to mud and mud to tarmac with hardly a break in step.

We soon passed 6 sets of run to walk so decided to take it up a notch to see if we could do another lap which we took very gently with a little bit more walk than run. By the end on the session we were quite tired but with big smiles on our faces.

On the way back home I told Nayoung that we both had some homework to do before we met either a long walk or a run. Nayoung told me " I may be able to go for a walk but I sometimes run in my house." I asked "On a treadmill?" to which I was informed that she did it on the spot.

"This week I will dance Jerry!"

Who am I to argue, a perfect cardio-vascular workout, what a great idea. 

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