Saturday, 25 November 2017

One person’s mountain

Today I noticed a complete difference in Nayoung who was already waiting on the kerb side outside her house this morning.

Today we were going to see whether we could run as much as possible and only have a brief walk up the hills at Goddington Park, Orpington. It has been good for me to start again just to help reaffirm that one person’s mountain is another person’s mole hill and soon we will be running them instead of a cheeky little walk once in a while.

Today we ran really well and we talked briefly about the new tether we were using which was really useful as I was worried that she seemed to be pulling it hard and did it mean she wanted me to slow down, no, it was just her putting some tension on it to get more feedback from me. It transpires that she did this when she felt a bit worried about the terrain and so I have made a mental note to talk her through those sections and to shorten the tether...all good stuff we are learning off each other.

I once again apologised for talking too much in between instructions but she is apparently OK with this. 

To the last hill, we were determined to get up it and so for no reason at all I started to sing "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys which we stormed but I suspect was Nayoung's way of getting me to shut up as quickly as possible!! :-)

Next week we are going to do our inaugural parkrun, Nayoung really is a Girl on Fire.

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