Friday, 3 November 2017

Slowly but Surely

Dearest Reader,

I will do my best not to write about every training run that I will be doing over the coming weeks but it, well, keeps my motivation up.

The past week has seen me working past my contracted hours but also lecturing on two of those evenings, so I was basically extremely tired and would have happily curled up on the sofa for a nap. I have a plan, to get picked up by a friend to go to the track....nothing like peer pressure!

The track was great as usual, everyone was doing 400 metre lap reps with a rest in between but as usual I went about doing my own thing gently jogging around lane 2 and 3 away from the guys doing speed work. I know I am going back to basics but I am overweight at the moment and it is important to get the ground work in and not do something silly to put me off.

It seems so long ago when I talked of running a 20 mile run each week or running a marathon with 20 hours notice but my first goal is to just feel happy running again and see where it rakes me.

With all my love,


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