Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Some people don't like minimalist runners

Saturday has come and gone but still needs to be mentioned as a really successful training session. 

Last week I went to the British Blind Sport website to buy two new tethers, one for Nayoung and the other for myself just in case one of us forgot and for the princely sum of £6 each saw it a bargain as well as a nice donation to the cause.

Arriving at the park Nayoung and I were in a really good mood and we decided to continue our Run/Walk strategy for now so that we didn't strain ourselves. I was soon telling her about my week and we both laughed about my students and the things they got up to. Nayoung told me a gruesome tale when she broke her ankle once in Turkey and the series of events that took place. Let me just say, I was happy I had already had my breakfast. At the end of her tale I looked at my watch and found that we had been running non-stop for 5 minutes.....this was a big lesson for Nayoung who was amazed but I told her to keep talking as it took her mind off her legs complaining. We completed are run being 4 minutes faster that last week and having run a further 400 metres. I think it is beginning to work.

Why don't people like Minimalist running?
I had to laugh the other day when I received a message, not from one, but two people who thought it their place to tell me to stop running in Vibram Five Fingers, one of them even had the audacity to say:

"...get back in your old running shoes and left the fad, 8 years ago they were the rage..."sic

How little this person knows me, I have never been a lover of fads or fashions but this type of shoe is perfect for me. I also don't think they realize that I do wear other shoes when running depending on the type of run and how far. They also have to look at my record of injury, like my running style, minimal.

Sorry for finishing this blog with a sour note but I am a believer that if the shoe fits wear it and if it works for you, do it.

Happy Running

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