Saturday, 28 April 2018

Doing what I have missed

To say I am back with it is a bit of an over statement, but I am increasing my physical activity in preparation of starting to run again... well that is the plan Dear Reader.

Quite simply this week I decided that my ever bulging waist line needed some attention so as of last Monday I have started to walk to Sloane Square from the Natural History Museum which is only about a mile but is a start. On Thursday I worked from home and so what I saved on a commute was exchanged with a lovely 5 mile trail walk around my local woods.

I enjoyed my Thursday walk so much that I did it again on Saturday, I still enjoy the fact that with so many people in the area I probably only saw 5 of them. I can hear you say "but you have run miles and miles Jerry!", I agree I have but I am just taking the next 2 weeks very slowly and then after that the running will start.

This blog's image today is me standing in my local stream washing off my Monkey Feet 3's that were absolutely covered in mud by the end. 

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