Minimalist Running

Some of you will note that in recent months I have been referring to "Monkey Feet" and my new interest in minimalist running. I am still seriously training for ultradistance runs but have introduced a level of minimalist running in my training schedule.

I am no reborn Evangelist and it is not my purpose to try and convert you, I am just very enthusiastic and if you wish to take the step to minimalist running then as I say to anyone on the trail "It is your adventure, enjoy it"

So why the term Monkey Feet?
Apart from the obvious likeness of a Vibram Five Finger shoe to a monkey's foot that is not why I call them this, it is in fact a joke against myself after years of tormenting my great barefoot running friend Bhundu aka Duncan who I have known for about 6 years and ran locally together regularly when we first returned to running. Bhundu is Zimbabwean by birth and it was during the early years of our running he complained of injuries and niggles when he said "I am going to start barefoot running again" and left it at that, I took it to be the ramblings of a mad man until one day he turned up to a run in the weirdest shoes I ever seen, Vibram Five Fingers from that moment onwards I gently ribbed him call him Monkey Feet, I still love his blog post Jerry turns up at my house wearing Five Fingers follow the link "Monkey Feet"

It is my adventure
I am often heard to say "I love my Monkey Feet" which is nearly always met by the raising of eyebrows and eyes to the heavens but it suits my running style and being a child of the 1960's ran in simple plimsolls and in my teenage years non-specialist running shoes those years predicted my future gait and cadence.
carpe viam